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BootyBae Classic Resistance Band Set

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Perfect for at home or on the go! Your BootyBae Classic Bands come in a set of 5 with escalating resistances to accommodate all fitness levels and broad workout regimens!
Think your workouts are not tough enough?
Incorporate your Classic Bands with your BootyBae Hip Thrust & Squat Pad to push through the restricted mobility of your rep and continue to add bands until you feel the amazing burn of your toned and firm booty!
Light: 10lbs
Medium: 20lbs
Heavy: 30lbs
X-Heavy: 40lbs
XX-Heavy: 50lbs
Booty Benefits!
- 5 Bands with Mesh Bag
- 5 Different Resistances
- Glute Activation
- Enhanced Workouts
- Portable
- Improve Flexibility
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