How Target Heart Rate Can Affect Weight Loss

This video from Mayo Health Clinic goes over how to find your target heart rate & how that can have an effect on weight loss!

Studies have shown that hitting your target heart rate can strengthen your heart, build lung capacity & improve your overall health and well-being!

Lately, I've been wearing my fitness tracker when I exercise to ensure I am in my target heart rate for the majority of my workout!

You can find your target heart rate by first finding your maximum heart rate.

First subtract your age from 220 and this is your max heart rate.

Then, multiply that number by 0.6 to get your target heart rate.

I'm 42, so my heart rate calculations look like this:

Maximum Heart Rate: 220 - 42 = 178 bpm (beats per minute)

Target Heart Rate: 178 X 0.6 = 106 bpm (beats per minute)

Try exercising with this in mind, and let me know what your target heart rate is!

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